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Home Downsizing or Rightsizing?   Big2Small can Help.


- Organize

- Make repairs





- Know home value

- Know buyer wants


- Know needs

- Know don't needs

- Know your budget

- Get financing

Your life is changing. You're getting married; you're starting a family; your last child has left home; you got that big promotion, or you just need more (or less) space.  


You want your home to reflect your life. If you are near retirement, you must deal accumulated possessions, as well as the sale of your existing home. If you are buying your first home, you need to understand your budget, credit, and what you really need in a new home. When changes in your life require changes in your living situation, the whole process can seem overwhelming.


Big2Small understands.


At Big2Small, we guide you through the entire real estate process by providing the right services at the right time, and at Big2Small, you will always come first, and we will constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


Life is an adventure. Let Big2Small help start your next adventure right!


Investors: Big2Small understands your needs as well. We can help you find that perfect multifamily or apartment building; that perfect flip property, or just a basic income property.